Picking & fun

Pick fresh blueberries and enjoy riverside farms view,taste blueberry desserts just out of oven,learn more about blueberry from experienced experts.Richland Organic Blueberry farms soothes your weeklong fatigue,just enjoy a wonderful day with your family and friends,At the Richland Organic Blueberry farms!

Richland R&D Center

Our professional team in Richland is devoted to blueberry research with colleagues in the US, Australia and New Zealand for scientific planting technique and better management.We will take a lead in innovating traditional agriculture from a global perspective.

Organic farms

Richland strictly follows the blueberry farms management standard in the US.We control output to ensure fine quality; we raise the cost of planting to guarantee product safety.We never use chemical preparations such as pesticide, fertilizer or fruit expander.Richland takes pride in providing best and purest blueberry to your family through our quality planting and painstaking caring.


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