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Under the close cooperation between Richland and the US Highbush Blueberry Council, ensure every blueberry,HenrySunda a well experienced blueberry expect from the US was invited for running the farms. Mr. Sunda introduced US experience of blueberry planting, breeding, pruning, field management, harvesting and sorting to Richland,

The planting of each farms is based on its respective conditions, i.e. soil and terrain, temperature and humidity, etc. Irrigation and water discharging systems are also carefully installed to ensure every blueberry can absorb enough sunshine and water.

Richland adopts a í░nature-orientedí▒ way of planting by conforming to the time-honored traditional planting techniques. It fully respects the natural cycle of planting and harvesting, and improves soil quality through natural means, which provides our blueberry with best quality guarantee.

We use fermented hay as natural manure, and use natural ways of preventing pest. Blueberries in Richland farms are divided by weeds against soil erosion. Earthworms are used for eating weeds and frogs and birds are for catching pests.

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