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Corporate Culture

New Agricultural Production Pattern

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Here at Richland we say no to chemical preparations such as fertilizer, pesticides, fruit expander or hormone. We plant in the natural manner so that every blueberry is organic and safe. Moreover, the place we plant blueberry is carefully chosen to avoid harm from chemical substances. Our aspiration is to choose a land of tranquility and purity, and give our people natural and healthy blueberries to eat.
We control output to ensure fine quality; we raise the cost of planting to guarantee product safety. People at Richland take every effort to plant best blueberry which conforms to the international standard. Every blueberry we make, we believe, represents our commitment, our naturally-driven pursuit and our care for customers.

New lifestyle

Number One
We are pursuing a green and sustainable path of new agricultural production, new business management mode and new lifestyle. Richland firmly carries out our corporate social responsibility of ¡°keep the world natural and keep the people healthy¡±, and serves customers with tasty and safe blueberries.

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