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Here in Richland we have established a complete scientific management system from planting to production, which provides all-cycle quality control on planting, caring, pruning, harvesting, transporting, sorting and packing.
Richland Classroom

Kids at Richland blueberry farms can take part in class sessions

where experts will explain the knowledge about blueberry

and kids are welcome to participate in games

to win the title of ¡°Young Experts of Richland Blueberry¡±.

Richland hopes all kids can become future blueberry experts!
Richland Organic Kitchen

Various blueberry desert in the farm are available here. Guests can taste baked blueberry cakes pies and drink the most freshly blueberry beverages!
Opening hours£º
July 18 - August 20
Monday to Sunday open seven days
9.00am - 17.00pm
Children£º£¤60 £¨height 1.2 m£©
Family: Adult £¨2£©children£¨1£©
Groups: 10 or more (please contact the Richland Sales)


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