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In Richland we have established a complete scientific management system from planting to production, which provides all-cycle quality control on planting, caring, pruning, harvesting, transporting, sorting and packing
Sorting: Richland has the most advanced blueberry sorting system made by top manufacturer. It has automatic control over size, maturity and firmness during sorting. The most carefully selected blueberries are presented to customers with the highest quality.
Cold chain: Designed by Mr. Henry Sunda himself, it uses the state-of-the-art blueberry cold chain system provided by famous manufacturer. Humidity, temperature, time and quality are monitored automatically during picking, pre-processing, sorting, packing, pre-freezing until blueberry entering cooler. This has extended the productsí» shelf life and has given Richland an edge in marketing.
Round-the-clock care: each farms is cared on 24*7 basis.
Professional harvesting: all workers involved in blueberry picking are professionally trained; they have been personally trained by experts on techniques.
Speedy transportation: management experts at Richland designed a í░fast laneí▒ to transport freshly picked blueberry to workshops; it greatly reduced time required in logistics and transportation.
Scientific production: Richland designed a scientific production management system based on its own experience and American expertise. Each blueberry are selected and sorted by imported equipments, and then Richland workers will pack them based on different customer needs.
Quality control: Earnest quality control is carried our by our QC department. Reducing friction or external force so as to maintain the integrity of the blueberry surface is not only a basic requirement but a technique challenge for Richland workers.
Aseptic monitoring: Adhering to international food safety standards, Richland implements strict aseptic operation during planting, picking, storing, processing and transporting in order to ensure quality and safety.


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