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Richland cares the health of China¡¯s next generation
Eye caring starts from myself

Blueberry has rich anthocyanin which is effective in protecting eye health and preventing visual loss; it can also help to regenerate prophyropsin in retina. From 2000, the US Department of Education has listed blueberry as a dietary supplement for eye health, and it required each student to have at least one cup of fresh blueberry per week. In Japan, blueberry is considered as ¡°fruit of wisdom¡± and students follow the practice of ¡°one bag of blueberry a day keeps a smart mind¡±. In the British Air Force and the US Special Forces, blueberry is used for improving eyesight and night vision. Richland cares the health of China¡¯s next generation and launched eye-caring projects titled ¡°Eye caring starts from myself¡± in many schools. The project is to disseminate related knowledge and vote for ¡°Richland Eye-Caring Guard¡±.

Respect labor work and experience life

Richland encourages young people to engage in field work at its farms and learn from farmers. This will help to cultivate their sense of hardworking and ¡°No pain, no gain¡±


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