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Richland Story
In 2003, a Japanese old man who devoted his whole life in blueberry planting arrived in China. When he reached the coastal area of the Yellow Sea, he found this area enjoying similar latitude with Michigan, home state to Americaí»s finest blueberry. This area is bestowed with abundant water resource, sufficient sunshine, distinct day/night temperature and natural acid soil. The old man then decided to settle down here and started his blueberry business in China. Later in 2009, Richland came to know his story and was deeply impressed by his devotion, and made a decision to continue such pursuit by planting quality blueberry in this area.

Richland Agricultural Co., Ltd was established in 2009.It devotes itself in becoming a modern agricultural enterprise focusing on planting, R&D, sales and deep processing of blueberry in joint collaboration with foreign blueberry farms and professionals.

In 2011, a veteran US blueberry professional Mr. Henry Sunda joined Richland.He introduced US experience of blueberry planting,breeding, pruning, field management, harvesting and sorting to Richland, and the whole industry chain of Richlandí»s production is now under strict quality control of the US standard.

Currently, Richland owns 5 blueberry farms totaling 400hectares one R&D center, one large freezing center,one processing center. 30% of the blueberry is planted in greenhouses. The total investment exceeds RMB 200 million.


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